Mayan Yoga Session, All Are Welcome To Join!

Learn, absorb, discover and release your Universal Truths through this spiritual style of Yoga! This class will serve as a working introduction into the principles and philosophies of Mayan Yog'Hah, beginning with a brief and alternative history of Mayan geography and culture and culminating in the physical and spiritual practice of Yog'Hah.

Mercury Retrograde-Sound Energy Circle & Deep Frequency Meditation W/Laura

YIKES, this Mercury Retrograde falls under the Zodiac Energy of Aries (starting 3/22)! Join us for this special Sound Energy Circle & Deep Frequency Meditation targeted to help you get prepared for the first of 3 "FIRE ENERGY" Mercury Retrogrades.


Mon, Mar 26, 2018, 7:30 PM: Join us for this NEW BLACKLIGHT YOGA at GypsyLuv! Blacklight Yoga is a super fun way to fine tune your yoga skills in the dark! We will begin this class by painting ourselv

Mercury Retrograde Burning Bowl Ceremony w/Magda!

Tue, Mar 27, 2018, 7:30 PM: JOIN US FOR THIS SPECIAL MERCURY RETROGRADE BURNING BOWL HEALING EVENT! This special Ceremony will be facilitated by GypsyLuv's own Psychic & Medium Magda!***PLEASE BRING A

"BLUE MOON" Sound Energy Meditation & Healing w/Laura

Join us for this special "BLUE MOON" Energy Sound Meditation Event! We had NO Full Moons in February, but will encounter 2 powerful ones this March! So we have double purging to do, and twice the Moon Power this month to get those things finally out of our lives.