The foundation and the roots of GypsyLuv comes from a divine source. The purpose is to bring self empowerment, strength, balance and love. We do not focus on one specific organized religion but instead respect these systems and function on principles of spirituality where love, humility, faith and forgiveness give you freedom and happiness.

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"Magda- A Medium who lives her life out, unapologetically & in the moment!"

​Madison, who goes by Mad, is a Reiki Master, Energy Healer and Metaphysical Mentor. Living to love and loving to live, she is a non-denominational light worker who always works with positivity and the purest intentions. Since she has hit rock bottom and gone to the darkest depths herself, Mad is truly able to help you heal any and everything that is energetic, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual. An empath, crystal connoisseur, and intuitive Pisces, she hopes to help every being on this planet heal themselves and live a full life.

​​In Mad's Reiki sessions, she opens herself and becomes a channel for energy, which the receiver can use in any way that is best for their own needs. Her Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. She has goddess, mermaid, faerie, shamanic, strong energy and feels absolutely honored to have the ability to assist you in your journey!

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​Available: Wednesdays
Classes With Madison: Reiki Share, ​Reiki Certification,
Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation & Reiki Experience.
Please call ahead to book and secure your appointment.
​Readers and Healers have limited availability. (909) 622-7800

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​Hi my name is Laura! I've come from humble beginnings, and look to share my heart healing and life changing experiences with you! I hope to be the bridge between what is "normal", and the amazing world of "Spirituality & Metaphysics"! 

I specialize in Cartomancy Readings, Chakra Readings, Crystal Healing, Sound Energy Frequency Healing & Chakra Color Therapy. I combine all these techniques with complete trust and faith in my Spirit Guides to help me identify and heal you from trauma, loss, bad patterns, and deep rooted issues. I recommend this style of healing to anyone who is looking to get their chakras back in alignment, or to get activated to that next level of your journey!

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​Available: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays
Classes With Laura: Psychic Development, Crystal Grids & Sonic Sound Meditation
Dr. Glo
I am an Usui Reiki Master/practitioner and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. My training has revolved around trauma work and alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression. I call upon the guidance of my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel to provide a nurturing and soothing Reiki therapy to assist with your own personal goals. Bilingual in English & Spanish.

Available: Every Other Saturday
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My mission is to bring you self empowerment, strength, balance, light, and love along your journey. I do not focus on one specific organized religion, but instead respect these systems and function on principles of spirituality where love, humility, faith and forgiveness give you freedom and happiness.

I'm know for my "direct to the point" approach during my readings, applying the knowledge from Spirit, life experiences and my 16 years Law background. My Spirit Guides show me your messages intuitively and through my cards, and with that information I can determine the root of your problems, patterns, and formulate the best solutions for you. So when you're ready to find your way and be better FOR YOU, I'm here to give you the tools to light up that path!

My Services Include:Cartomancy Readings, Couples Counseling, ​​Aura Cleansing/Limpias, Psychic Development Classes & Spiritual Life Coaching.

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​Available: Monday-Friday
Classes With Magda: Psychic Development, Dream Big Manifestation, Connecting
​To The Otherside, Channeling Circle & Sacred Spaces & Altars.