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Magda- GypsyLuv Founder
​My mission is to bring you self empowerment, strength, balance, clarity, love, and Spiritual Awareness along your journey. I do not focus on one specific organized religion, but instead respect these systems and function on principles of spirituality where love, humility, faith and forgiveness give you freedom and happiness. I have over 24 years experience in Cartomancy, Tarot, Magical Arts, Shamanic Healing, and Spiritual Life Coaching. So there is nothing too big, or too small to that we can't cover or conquer together!

I'm best know for my "direct to the point" approach during my readings, applying the sacred knowledge from Spirit, my life experiences and my 15 years in Law background. My Spirit Guides show me your messages intuitively and through my cards, and with that information I can determine the root of your problems, patterns, and formulate the best solutions for you. So when you're ready to find your way and be better FOR YOU, I'm here to give you the tools to light up that path!

Magda & GypsyLuv
​After the death of her fiance, Magda had to decide how to move forward from her unexpected loss. She decided that not only her healing from the tragic event was necessary, but there were many others just like her who needed the help and support. With that fueling her heart, she and co-founder Laura opened up GypsyLuv, with the sole intention of love, healing, and much needed faith!

"Through tragedy, we find courage, strength, and a new found love. We wish to teach, inspire, and learn from all of you. Thank you for your continued and loving support through all our endeavors.​."           -Magda